Docteur Jean Masson

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Docteur Jean Masson
Docteur Jean Masson
  • Born in 1960.
  • Former Intern and Head of clinic-assistants in hospitals of Paris.
  • Registration number in the Medical Association: 75/85504.
  • Part time medical Practitioner in the service of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Professor Jean Marie Servant at Hospital Saint-Louis - Paris.
  • Participation in hospitals teaching plastic and aesthetic breast surgery, coaching and mentoring interns, including clinical directors and foreign residents in training.
  • Educating and training surgeons as part of the university diploma (DU) in reconstructive surgery after breast cancer; and host to hospital and private-practice senior surgeons enrolled in OF wishing to expand their skills and knowledge.
  • Participant in the teaching of the diploma of Breast Disorders, at the University of Paris VII, which is more oriented on the medical treatment of breast disease.
  • Active participant in the multidisciplinary meeting (PCR) of hospitals on decision making regarding cancer treatments.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the network "Sein Hospital St. Louis. "
  • For 15 years, with the combined activity of hospital and private practice, Dr. Masson can offer all technical support for breast surgery, both restorative and aesthetic. The evaluation of regular new techniques (new implants, fat injections ...) allows for better decision making and treatment of cases of breast reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.


Dr. Masson is also a specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery for the body and face contour >> More


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