Reconstruction of the Plaque Aréolo-Mamelonnaire (PAM)

General on the reconstruction of the Plaque Aréolo-Mamelonnaire (PAM)

The reconstruction of the arena and the nipple, also known as the plaque Arolo-mamelonnaire, or PAM, finishes breast reconstruction. It involves reconstructing a colourful disk that matches the arena and a central and projected volume corresponding to the nipple. There is a distinction the reconstruction of the arena of the nipple.


The reconstruction of the arena can be done essentially in two ways:



  • Introduction a sterile pigment in the dermis to recreate the coloration of the arena, depending on the colour of the arena on the healthy side.
  • The pigmentation in the areola can decrease over time, tinkering later may be necessary.

Skin Registry

  • One skin disc is removed from the groin’s crease for both main properties that are its colour and character concealed from the scar.
  • The result is more durable in time and more natural with relief approaching the healthy arena.

The reconstruction of the nipple is carried out using two techniques:


Local lambeau

  • Breast skin is used in the area of the nipple to be rebuilt.
  • It is remodelled and conformed to create a new nipple.


  • It is done by taking half the healthy nipple.
  • It is then positioned against the area of the nipple to be rebuilt.

Possible only if the nipple is of sufficient volume, it leaves almost no scars at the level of the specimen and does not alter the tenderness of the nipple.


This is supported by the health insurance fund and surgery and anesthesia fees will be reimbursed, in part or wholly, by your mutual. A quote will be produced in consultation.


A blood check and appointment with anesthetist is also essential. He is advised Stop smoking 1 month prior to the procedure. Drugs anti-inflammatory devices must be suspended prior to the procedure.

Surgery for WFP Reconstruction

The reconstruction of WFP most often under anesthesia general or under local anesthesia depending on the technique used. The speaking time is approximately one hour. The scars post-operatives are fine and ideally hidden in the folds of the organization.

Operational Suites of WFP Reconstruction

Hospitalization is short and performed most often in an outpatient setting. Pain and pain of varying intensity, are well relieved by the Traditional oral painkillers. The dressing, called " to maintain skin grafting, is removed on the 5th post-operative day. Simple dressings, using fatty tiles, are then completed and do not require a home nurse.


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Reconstruction of the Plaque Aréolo-Mamelonnaire (PAM)