Blephaloplasty - Eye Surgery

General on Blépharoplasty

The blepharitis is an aesthetic contour surgery Eyes, interesting for upper and/or lower eyelids. The fatty hernias, most commonly located at the eyelid lower, can be removed at the same time if necessary.

The objective of this intervention is to get a fresh look. This intervention is not reimbursed by social security. Two consultations are required before the operation is scheduled.

A Specifications are completed during the first consultation. A Balance Sheet blood and an anesthetist appointment are also indispensable. A consultation with an ophthalmologist is the most often recommended. Smoking cessation is recommended for 1 month prior to the intervention. Anti-inflammatory drugs are suspend prior to the intervention.

Surgery for Bleephaloplasty

The generally, under local anaesthesia if the only upper eyelids are involved. If not, a general anesthesia is required. The duration of the transaction is 1 to 2 hours.

Blephaloplasty Operate Suites

This can be performed as part of surgery ambulatory, that is, with an exit on the day of the intervention, or after a short 24-hour hospital stay. Post-operative pain, of varying intensity, are well relieved by conventional antalgics given orally. The response is accompanied by through edema and bruises in the eye, which disappear in generally within one week.

The wearing of tinted glasses is advised. Wires removed between day 5 and 7 post-operative. Dressings are simple and do not require as a home nurse. Use of artificial tears may be useful. A break in work activity is rarely necessary. The sport is contraindicated for 15 days.


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Blephaloplasty - Eye Surgery