Botox injections

Before Botox Injection
Before Botox Injection

Before Botox Injection

Horizontal front wrinkles and vertical lion wrinkles between eyebrows

After Botox injections
After Botox injections

After Botox injections

Result at 21 days. Clear and natural erasure of front wrinkles. Natural and progressive erasure of lion wrinkles.

What is Botox?

Botulic toxin (botox® and vistabel®) is a substance made of several proteins and secreted by a bacterium.


In anti-aging cosmetic medicine, only type A botulic toxin is used.


The botulic toxin, is not a filler, but acts reducing muscle contraction and thus reducing the wrinkles due to these contractions.


Botox-treated wrinkles are essentially:

  • Lion wrinkles (between the two eyebrows)
  • horizontal front wrinkles
  • Goose Pate wrinkles (around eyes)
Before and After Botox Injection
Before and After Botox Injection

Before Botox Injection
Maximum contraction of the muscles showing the wrinkles of the lion.

After Botox injection
Result at 21 days. Net and natural decrease in lion wrinkles after maximum muscle contraction.

The botulic toxin, helps restore glare to the eye in removing the lion’s wrinkles and smoothing the give a younger, less harsh look at the third party level top of face.


Botulic toxin stimulates muscles face lift (frontal muscle) playing an essential role in the rejuvenation of this part of the face.

Before treatment



  • Avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs one week before injections to avoid bruising.
  • The taking of arnica (9CH) on the day and day of treatment could reduce the risk of hematoma.
  • Tell your doctor about any ongoing conditions or treatments.
  • Botox is contraindicated in pregnant women and in cases of muscular disease (myasthenia).


Botox injections are performed in the office without anesthesia and last approximately 15 to 20 minutes.


After careful clinical examination of the forehead and edges of the eye, the main points of injections are marked.


Injections are made with very thin needles and are almost painless.


The number of injections depends on the amount of wrinkles to be treated, but a minimum of 6 to 8 injections is usually made.


From small marks or swelling may appear on the skin in hours after injections, to disappear quickly (less than 6 (h).

After treatment

The effectiveness of Botox injections is visualized after 2-3 days to achieve an ideal result after one week.


The decrease in muscle contraction leads to loss a progressive lion wrinkles and a natural front smoothing.


A residual and minimal contraction of the forehead results in a much more natural and uncomplicated result.


A monitoring consultation is systematically scheduled after 2 weeks.


The duration of his injections is estimated to be 6 to 8 months.


The effect of these injections is reversible with the development of new muscle contractions after 4-5 months.


Do not rub or massage treated areas for 24 hours after treatment.


Do not apply makeup within 4 hours of treatment.


Do not lie down or exercise vigorously on the day of treatment.


of the rare headaches may be described after injections and are effectively calmed by aspirin-free antalgics (paracetamol).


A small card is given to the patient after the injections mentioned Conventional advice recommended after toxin treatment botulics.


The cost of Botox injections is 350 to 450 euros in terms of the number of wrinkles to be treated.


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